Fight for Justice on the West Coast

There are a large number of frauds that have been put on the back of citizens (especially those in the West), infringing on their rights and harassing them without respect for the law, the Constitution, or common sense. This site will be used to fight these injustices.

Current Issues

Thinning can save our forests
A burning forest in Montana.
(Begun: September, 2002)
To stop our precious national forests from burning to a crisp, they must be thinned from their overgrown condition, not left alone in a human-induced, kindling-filled state as the so-called environmentalists demand. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]

Issues in Limbo

The Last Days of the Salmon
A salmon being killed by a bat.
(Begun: February 19, 2000)
The state and federal governments have been killing hatchery salmon (by the tens of thousands), preventing them from spawning and increasing the numbers of the fish. The practice has been stopped by a federal judge, but environmental groups are fighting to overturn the ban, claiming that the hatchery salmon (raised from eggs taken from wild salmon initially) are genetically inferior to wild salmon. The government also excludes the hatchery salmon from counts, in an effort to ensure the species can be listed as “endangered”. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]
The Flat Tax
tax form
(Begun: 1998)
Many have tried to convince me that I’m wrong, but have failed to sway me from the opinion that this is the fairest tax structure possible. It is also clearly the simplest, with the tax form for all filers taking the form and size of a postcard. [Sheerin]
Protect the US Patent System
patent illustration
(Begun: 1997)
Changes that have been made, and are likely to be made in the future will give other countries legal permission to steal the inventions of U.S. citizens. This can only be stopped if you kick out Congressmen and Senators who have sold their souls to foreign countries and corporations. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]
Clean the CARB (California Air Resources Board)
(Begun: 1996)
This is the group that will be deciding what kind of car you can buy, how much of a sin-tax you have to pay for it, and how much it can weigh.
Boycott China to stop Korea’s Nukes
Boycott China
(Begun: December 28, 2002)
Let’s put pressure on China—the country that has most supported Korea— by telling stores you won’t buy their products. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]

Issues Won

Clint Eastwood vs. ADA Lawyers
(Begun: May 14, 2000)
There is a new scam being perpetrated by unscrupulous lawyers intent on making a fast buck by extracting settlements from small businesses.
Update: Clint won his court case. This means that people who make reasonable accomodations for the handicaped will be less likely to be hit with a frivolous lawsuit. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]
The Robert Womack Case
(Begun: January 30, 1999)
Robert Womack was harassed by Amador County officials for failing to get a county permit to remove a modern double-wall underground fuel tank, even though he had obtained a permit to demolish the former service station from the city (Jackson, CA) that the property was in. This is an injustice because local government agencies are guilty of equal or greater transgressions, yet are not being harassed, much less cited or even fined. After many years of litigation, the county and state dropped all criminal charges, and then filed civil charges. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]

Issues Lost

AB1493—the CA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill
(Begun: July 12, 2002)
Assembly Bill 1493, having been signed into law by Governor Davis, will do nothing to improve the environment and will harm the health (by diverting money from worthwhile causes) and pocketbook of all Californians. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]
Help the Russian Orthodox Nuns
(Begun: June 6, 1999)
A group of elderly nuns who simply wanted to build a convent on land they own was harassed by the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District, which at one point was attempting to take their land by eminent domain, later reached an agreement to stop the taking, but then began pulling strings to prevent them from building their convent/retreat.
The nuns finally gave up their fight, caving into the environmentalists who didn’t want them to build a retreat on a small portion of the land they used to own. Please read Nuns Abandon Project and Open Space District To Buy Land From Nuns from the SF Chronicle.

Old Issues

Homeless Sandwiches
(Begun: September 19, 1999)
Scott Ostler of the SF Chronicle first brought this strange tale of 7 police officers busting a bunch of high-school students for distributing food to the homeless in U.N. Plaza. The story gets even stranger the deeper you dig into it. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]
Devall’s Environmental Mansion
(Begun: June 6, 1999)
Stay tuned for Bill’s latest crusade about landowners being harassed by the Bureau of Land Management, creating a private haven for an environmental organization where residents are not allowed to repair or access their own property, but the environmentalist who campaigned to protect the area can build a mansion for his personal use. [Wattenburg & Sheerin]

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Fighting for Fairness

Pacific Legal FoundationThe Pacific Legal Foundation asists citizens who are being bullied by government agencies.

Fairness means:

Made in America
For the U.S. to remain a vibrant economy, with opportunities for its citizens to continue leading technology and find high-paying jobs, we must rebalance the portion of products we purchase that are actually made in this country.
We must be provided with the truth about where goods are made, and publicise when companies such as Wal-Mart ditch their Made in America campaigns (1997) and move to a model where just $0.5 million of its $245 billion in annual sales (2002).
Gannett News features: Jobs in an Evolving Economy. Made in America? Not Likely. PBS—Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town.
It is my belief that one of the greatest harms being done to this contry is the mandate for offering voting and state services in multiple languages. This country was founded in English, and having one language that all our citizens can speak is the surest way to allow all people to communicate with each other. Seggration by langauge can only serve to foster resentment and biggotry. Laws that mandate publishing of public documents into any language besides English should be repealed—except for a few limited but necessary categories, including emergency medical care and tourist information. California’s Dymally-Alatorre Act should be repealed, along with any law that mandates or allows voting information to be published in non-English languages.