Guests and Guest Hosts on Bill Wattenburg’s show

There haven’t been many, because almost all of the guests are the listeners, and that’s the way Bill likes it. But occasionally, if he gets riled up enough about something, he’ll invite someone to join him.

Guest Hosts

Barbara Simpson
Former news anchor on KTVU Television (Channel 2 in the SF Bay Area), and now a weekend host on KGO’s sister station, KSFO, which means she probably won’t be stepping in as a KGO guest-host any longer.
Gene Rusco
KGO’s former South Bay news reporter used to fill in for Bill, and has been the only fill-in that shares many of the same viewpoints as Bill, and is also one of the few who keeps the spirit of his show alive, taking lots of calls from the audience instead of spouting off in an endless monologue. I really which KGO would let him return to the airwaves as a talk-show host. But having left radio, he’s now traveling cross-country via motor home.
James Gabbert
James was the previous co-owner of TV20 in the SF Bay Area, and has been involved in Bay Area radio for many decades.
Christine Craft
An occasional fill-in host on KGO radio, Bill has a cute nick-name for her: “The Crafty One”.


Clint Eastwood and Richard Schick (January 5th, 1997)
Bill Interviewed Clint and the author of his biography, and took many calls from the audience.
Edward Teller
Dr. Teller was a professor of Bill’s when he was at UC Berkeley, and the two seem to be lifelong friends now.
Congressman Don Young (R-Alaska)
Bill has invited him on to talk about environmental issues on a few occasions.

(I know I’m missing some, but those are the only ones I can recall—let me know if you recall of others.)

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