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Links to companies and products mentioned on The Open Line to the West Coast. Though some are advertisers, none of these links are paid for—they are simply provided as a service to Bill’s listeners.

Absolutely Fresh Flowers
Absolutely Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers via overnight express.
Phone: 1 (800) 999-2109 (Oceanside, CA)
C. Crane Company
The C. Crane Company
Cool radios (including the CCRadio), flashlights (including the TrekLight), and other electroncis.
Phone: 1 (800) 522-8863 (Fortuna, CA)
Eid’s TV-Electronics
Eid’s Electronic
Someone who gives good avice about electronics, according to Bill Wattenburg.
Phone: 1 (510) 848-5000 (Berkeley, CA)
Hardin Optical Company
Hardin Optical
Makers of the Deep Space Hunter and other neat telescopes for kids and students. (Check out their Modern Thought catalog for more optical stuff for kids.)
Phone: 1 (800) 394-3307 (Bandon, OR)
A sensible environmental orginization from Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore.
Phone: 1 (604) 221-1990 (Vancouver BC, Canada)
Hunter Honer Knife Sharpener
Hunter Honer Knife Sharpener
One of the easiest knife sharpeners around. If it is not made by American Delta Products® and does not say Le Beau’s Hunter Honer™, Easy Sharpener™, or Quick-n-Sharp™, do not accept any substitutes, or you may ruin your knives.
Phone: 1 (707) 422-6161 (Fairfield, CA)
The New Environmentalist
The New Environmentalist magazine
An on-line magazine covering enviornmental issues.
Phone: 1 (916) 941-1133 (El Dorado Hills CA)
New Pane Window Installation
Free, no-contract estimates for double-pane window installation.
Phone: 1 (800) 614-7263 (Woodland, CA)
Patent It Yourself
Patent It Yourself
A Nolo Press book that provides a great background for anyone who is working on an invention.
Nolo Press Phone: 1 (800) 992-6656 (Berkeley, CA)
Ergonomic pen for weak fingers.
Phone: 1 (650) 355-2640 (Pacifica, CA)

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