Bill Wattenburg’s Public Policy and Topical Articles

How to Conserve Energy
(January 2001)
Bill shares a few easy tips on how to save large amounts of electricity (and thus money) by making a few painless changes in how and when you use your appliances.
Professional Cry Baby
(December, 2000)
A short commentary by Bill Wattenburg on the behavior of Jessie Jackson relating to the vote counting procedures in Florida.
Proposed Legislation and Executive Orders to Keep California Freeways Open
(January, 2000)
Prompted by a recent series of traffic accidents that tied up the Bay Area freeways for hours longer than necessary, Wattenburg has proposed rules about clearing accidents quickly that he feels must be passed into law.
The Florida “Dimpled Ballots”—Easy Experiments to Find the Truth
(November 30, 2000)
This important article discusses the controversy over the counting of so-called “dimpled ballots” with a scientific perspective that has been entirely absent in the media’s coverage of the issue. This is a serious suggestion about how to find out the truth in an objective manner that doesn’t involve politics.
There Is No Social Security Trust Fund—The Joke’s On You
(November 2000)
This important article contains Bill’s take on the so-called Social Security trust fund, and he feels it is very important to the 2000 presidential election
Now They Have Burned Los Alamos
(October 12, 1999)
The huge fire in Los Alamos during May of 2000 prompted Bill to post this entire article, portions of which were published earlier in the journal Science, describing the idiotic policies that allowed and even encouraged this disaster to occur. An earlier version was titled Re-examine “Let It Burn”.
An Immediate Southern Crossing to Relieve Bay Bridge Congestion
(Spring, 1999)
A San Francisco Shuttle: Bus Ferries from the Alameda Naval Air Station with Parking for 100,000 to Relieve Traffic Congestion Across the Bay Bridge.
Solution to Kosovo: Let Our Backstabbing Friends Take Care of the Downtrodden of the World
(April 2, 1999)
There is a simple solution, involving only political pressure, that could stop Yugoslavia’s attacks on the Kosovo citizens instantly: Just stop giving Russia and China the billions of U.S. dollars they have been getting from us (through direct support and trade imbalances, respectively).
The Billion Dollar Environmental Frauds: The Cleanup of the People’s Pocketbooks
(June 16, 1998)
How to Double Federal Money for Science
(April 25, 1997)
A.K.A The EELs’ Green Gestapo: Assaulting the Future of our Economy
An Answer to Bosnia’s Land Mines
(December 15, 1995)
Bill rails against inaction and indecision on using his mine-clearing inventions to save lives in Bosnia. (Link to the SF Chronicle)
Oil’s Role in Refugee Aid
(April 17, 1991)
In the aftermath of the Gulf War, Wattenburg suggests that a quick, easy way to stop Saddam Hussein killing the Kurdish refugees, by allowing Kuwait to sell oil from an Iraqi oil field in the U.N.’s buffer zone.
A Rewarding Soviet Currency
(December 15, 1990)
Bill had a unique idea on how to help the Soviet citizens help themselves recover from their economic woes.
Turning War Machines Into Plowshares
(June 9, 1990)
Bill describes some simple, straightforward ways for the Soviet Union to help its citizens make use of surplus military equipment.
Sending Shelter To Soviet Armenia
(December 17, 1988)
One of Bill’s typical “from out of left field” solutions to a difficult problem facing victims of natural disasters—using spare cargo containers as temporary shelter for earthquake victims.

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