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Dr. Bill Wattenburg’s Suggested Reading List

Here are suggestions for reports, books, magazines, and journals that Dr. Bill suggests as good sources for science, enjoyment, and important information that everyone should know.


The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World
by Bjørn Lomborg, 2001
Buy from: Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The author of this book is an Associate Professor of Statistics at the University of Aarhus (Denmark), and used his knowledge of statistics to analyze the claims that the Earth is dying.

Also take a look at the criticism of this book, and try to tell which of them are political, biased attacks, rather than scientific rebuttal: Examination by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Browse the Cambridge book site.

Memoirs: A Twentieth-Century Journey in Science and Politics
By Dr. Edward Teller, 2001
Hardcover—544 pages (October 16, 2001)
Perseus Books; ISBN: 073820532X
Buy from: Perseus Books or amazon.com
Naturally Dangerous: Surprising Facts About Food, Health, and the Environment
by James Collman
Hardcover (September 2001)
University Science Books; ISBN: 1891389092
Buy from: University Science Books or amazon.com
“The Environmental Case for Nuclear Power”: Economic, Medical, and Political Considerations
by Robert C. Morris, published by Paragon House.
2700 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55114
ISBN 1-55778-780-8
Order from Paragon House. Read about the billions of tons of pollution and thousands of tons of radioactive material put into the air you breathe every year by coal, oil, and gas fueled power plants—with scientific reports and references that the so-called environmental groups don’t want you to know.
Environmental Overkill
Whatever Happened to Common Sense?
Ray, Dixie Lee; Guzzo, Lou. 1993.
New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.
[Amazon.com] [Barnes & Noble]
Trashing The Planet
How Science Can Help Us Deal With Acid Rain, Depletion of the Ozone, and the Soviet Threat Among Other Things
Ray, Dixie Lee; Guzzo, Lou. 1990. Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing, Inc.
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